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Hi, I’m Amy and I love making handmade greeting cards to spread happiness and touch people through crafting and kind words! At Joyfestivalindustries.com, you’ll be able to order handmade greeting cards for every occasion you want to reach out and touch someone for. You can also learn about crafting and cardmaking workshops offered here. In addition, I enjoy helping people come together with gatherings and events for joy, happiness, and greater connection, so check out our blog and shop to find out about how to make your own Joyfestival, or other uplifting gathering, while having fun in the process.

Whether you wish to send a special card to someone to wish them congratulations, or you’re trying to find the right visual message and sentiment for someone going through a challenge, we specialize in helping you get the right card(s) for that person you’re trying to connect with, so your message can hopefully reach their heart. If you’re wanting to get together for a gathering to express creativity, or you’re trying to create a meaningful soiree for laughter and good things, you’ll find this here too.

Joyfestival Industries offers a bespoke handmade greeting cards business, and offers other creative programs for crafting, writing and wellness events and workshops. MORE ABOUT JOYFESTIVAL INDUSTRIES...

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Sending cards is like mailing joy!  It’s about connecting and bringing others happiness.  Explore our gallery of unique handmade card creations and shop the store for one of a kind handmade cards to bring you and others joy.

  • Amy’s crafting and writing programs are exciting and fun, and always well-attended. The participants ask for more of the same afterward!
    Stephanie Archer, Montana Avenue Branch Manager
  • Your parties have a theme and a “real soul” to them.
    Rachel Mahgerefteh
  • Thank you for always having so many great, uplifting ideas… You always make me want to spring into action, which means a lot! And thank you for the Joyfest and the infection of positivity around it!
    Vera Liebenthal
  • All Amy's themes are designed to remind us that none of us is alone - and that there are ways to find a bright spot, no matter what's going on in our lives, and to be able to share the positives, which actually serves to make ourselves and whoever we're sharing with feel so much better. One can't help leaving these events feeling relaxed, satisfied, content to have been there and to have met others who feel the same. Amy is a unique young woman with such an amazing background of education, professional and life experience, and I can't think of anyone else with such a fertile imagination who can keep coming up with such great ideas, and implementing them the way she does!  Yay!!!
    Mrs. Weinreich
  • I’m walking out of this Happiness Room, a conscious person.  It changed my attitude for the day, maybe the week and it didn’t take a village.  Amy Muscoplat is a creative genius.
    Blanche Moss
  • I participated in a past Joyfest as a poet and guest, reading a personal poem and enjoying meeting Amy’s friends from many backgrounds, and also enjoying the meaningful, interactive program, meeting wonderful new and old friends for a way to connect about “joy,” and learn something new too. In addition to the amazing program Amy produced and her creativity, she arranged a beautiful set of takeaway items to take and contemplate well after the event. There was also a keyboardist, vision boarding and gorgeously arranged food galore. I also participated in Reach Out and Touch and in C3: Cards, Crafts, and Connections, where we created, composed, and sent greeting cards to friends who were not at the event. The most impressive event was the Happiness Room at the public library, where Amy assembled a variety of hands-on activities to remind participants, adults and children, of the many ways they can and do feel happy in everyday life. She drew from the literature of Positive Psychology, creating an accessible array of projects, activities, videos, and a small library. I would consult with Amy and hire her as a consultant or producer of a larger event where I wanted to introduce new concepts through experiential learning, and help participants feel they’ve attended a festive and friendly occasion. Amy appears to have boundless energy and a constant flow of creative ideas, built on a solid foundation of knowledge and sense of purpose. She connects with children and adults with equal facility, enthusiasm, and kindness. Call her to create an event for you, or support you as you design your own positive, friendly, and purposeful event. It is my pleasure to recommend joyfestivalindustries.com as a source of ideas, support, and actual production of a variety of events that bring strangers and friends together for a purpose. Jean Katz, MA, Retired, Consultant-in-Charge of the Center for School District Leadership at the Los Angeles County Office of Education and Organizational Planning Consultant
    Jean Katz, MA
  • I have attended most, if not all, of Amy's Celebrations - Celebrate Life; ...Connection; Reach Out...; Happiness; Gratitude; Laughter; and so on, including the Happiness Room at the Public Library.  At first, it was simply intriguing to see what could be done to cause people to be in such a positive frame of mind.  Amy does it!  With her inspiring words and thoughts posted around the room, and simple and refreshing ways to encourage participants to join in with their own thoughts, and with the means to do so, leaving pens and pencils, Post-its, paper, pretty stationery, wherever people can find them to write down what is meaningful to them to share - or not share, but to take home with them if preferred.  There's no pressure to open up if you don't wish to, and to keep your thoughts private if desired.  After entering, greeting, taking a cup of tea or a cold drink and a pastry or snack, people sit and chat with each other, and after a while Amy will briefly speak about the theme of the day, and encourage the participants to write down their own thoughts or feelings, in as brief or as long a way as desired.  People who have been to Amy's events before are already predisposed to enter with a happy smile, and delighted anticipation of what they know will be a very pleasant couple of hours, with people who are receptive to the notion being put forward by Amy at that event, whether it's joy, gratitude, laughter, or any other positive feeling or emotion that is Amy's subject for the day.
    Harriet W.
  • I appreciate Amy bringing her teaching expertise to share creative ways to inspire and reignite my writing spark!
    Miryam Sarnat
  • Thank you for being the joy-mistress of our lives. Your evening soirees (and daytime party “matinees”) have been such a positive force in my life – and now in the lives of the public as well. Onward in strength and in joy.
    Miriam G.
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